Strand 10: EYFS ROOM 228 | 10:00 to 10:45

Kim Duff, Principal at Kings Heath Primary Academy


Transition can be an exciting process for some children, parents and staff but for others it can be an incredibly challenging time. At KHPA our aim is to ensure the transition process into new year groups and the introduction to Reception and Nursery is highly effective, minimising any disruption or anxiety for all children, parents and staff and achieving the best possible start to the new academic year for all. For three years KHPA have implemented a highly successful initiative called ‘Move up & stay up’ (‘MUSU’).

This session will share how the programme is implemented included the role of staff consultations and pupil progress meetings between current class teachers and new class teachers, the role of classroom observations, and a specific curriculum timetable aimed at ensuring all children are clear about the expectations of their new year group.

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