Strand 12i: Maths ROOM 230 | 10:00 to 10:45

Charlie Harber, Maths Adviser, Herts for Learning

Academic research into what makes good maths practice is evolving rapidly.

The challenge for us, as teachers, remains how do we translate this research into classroom practice to ensure that we are maximising learning impact for all pupils?

Within this session we will consider a few key elements of maths teaching, linked closely to the recent EEF report ‘Improving mathematics in Key Stage 2 and 3’, including variation theory, effective practice and language development. Cognitive science research is making huge leaps in supporting us to understand efficient ways to support pupil learning – however, what implications does this research have for the primary classroom? What does it really look like?  Is it complex and will it take much longer to teach in an already packed timetable? In essence, this session will address the key question of – why should busy teachers bother?

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