Strand 10: EYFS ROOM 228 | 14:15 to 15:00

Caroline Hall, Carol Hilbourne, Andrew Shaw, Sharon Smith, Emma Finlay and Dr Mike Scanlan

Although this session is in the EYFS strand, it is relevant for teachers and leaders of all phases, and for all parents.

This session will share the work we have undertaken in relation to compassionate parenting.  A compassionate focused approach to parenting aims to provide parents with an opportunity to explore how they can help develop their children’s social, emotional and behavioural growth.

We will present our work from its inception – identifying a need in our communities – through to how we have invested in a commissioned response in conjunction with Dr Mike Scanlan, an experienced mental health therapist.  We will share details of the ensuing pilot supported by East Northants Council as well as how we intend to ensure our work results in sustained delivery for the wider community. Going forward, there will also be an opportunity for others to benefit as our children and families have.

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