Strand 12i: Maths ROOM 230 | 14:15 to 15:00

Kathryn Print, Mathematics Teacher with TLR at Northampton School for Girls

It is so important to equip our students to manage their money successfully, and to become financially literate. This session will look at how it is possible to incorporate financial education into two areas of the school’s curriculum – mathematics and PSHE.

We have been a Centre of Excellence for Financial Education for the last 3 years and our re-accreditation has just been confirmed for the next three years.  This session will provide an opportunity to share good practice with other schools. Come and have a look at our planning, monitoring and evaluation of financial education from years 7 to 13.  This is also an opportunity to examine some of the resources and activities that we have used with students, learn more about the outside agencies we have worked with, and ask any questions you may have about implementing financial education in your own school.

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