Strand 18: Digital and Creative Learning ROOM 123 | 12:00 to 12:45

Helen Caldwell, Karen Woolley and Jean Edwards, Senior Lecturers, University of Northampton

The Digital Learning across Boundaries (DLaB) Erasmus+ project is focused on using digital technology creatively to break down the barriers of the classroom walls, of subject discipline boundaries, and of languages and cultures. We’ve explored themes with European partners, such as technology outdoors, bringing the Arts into STEM, and building intercultural understanding through connected classrooms. This session will introduce participants to some of the strategies, apps and tools we’ve used through practical interactive activities using mobile devices. Participants will leave with a link to a Padlet of ideas and an invitation to take part in a free online course that shares more resources. They will create some digital content of their own so that when they return to school they feel confident to try out the approaches with their own pupils.

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