Strand 04: Marking and Feedback ROOM 124 | 10:45 to 11:30

Jess Mawby & Michelle Brett from Windmill Primary School, Raunds

Is marking always the most effective form of feedback? This session will summarise some action research conducted at Windmill Primary School that led to a change in the whole school approach to feedback. It will detail how practice developed after one teacher was challenged not to write in books for a term but still ensure maximum progress in her class. There will be a chance to discuss the different types of feedback that were used and how teaching practice developed to be adaptable to the feedback needs of the class for different lessons and learning. The session will also cover what happened next and where the feedback policy is going at this school.

This session will provide a real life example of how progress can actually be maximised using other methods of more effective feedback which will satisfy any external visitor!

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