Strand 07: Mental Health and Well-being ROOM 319 | 14:15 to 15:00

Felicity King, Founder of Sustainable People.


We know that you can only raise the wellbeing of the people in your care to that of your own. So it stands to reason that looking after our staff must be where the biggest impact on mentally healthy education is to start. With 20 years of teaching, research, leadership and being mum to reflect on, Felicity developed Reset not Inset to support and nurture mentally healthy staff across all career stages. This session will engage colleagues with their own mindset and the innate tools they have on board to navigate the life work agenda with confidence and capacity. By understanding how your experience is created you can turn your brain into the servant it’s supposed to be. This is life changing brain biology, time to cut yourself some slack, and tune back into your stellar strengths

Session slides

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