Strand 06: Behaviour ROOM 126 | 13:30 to 14:15

Nicola Preston, Senior lecturer SENI, University of Northampton


There is a wide range of literature on the management of so called ‘at risk’, disaffected and socially excluded young people (Parsons, 2005) but much of this language involves an implicit view of the individual as the ‘problem’. Many school pastoral and behaviour programmes and policies focus on confronting the unwanted behaviour rather than identifying and addressing the underlying causes.

Restorative practices focus on proactively building relationships and maintaining relationships so that when there is conflict or harm, there is a safe environment and culture in which to develop a shared understanding and repair those relationships. The session aims to highlight the research and practice to support the positive aspirations of Northamptonshire teachers and educators in relation to the education of young people in the county.

Session slides

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