Strand 05: Assessment ROOM TPOD A & B | 12:00 to 12:45

James Pembroke, Data Analyst and Blogger


Are levels really dead? This session will revisit the rationale for the removal of levels and investigate whether the systems we currently use are any different or if it’s a case of Emperor’s New Clothes. How much data do we need to collect? What impact does it have? What are the limitations and risks of the data we rely upon? And how does our data obsession affect workload and staff morale? We will explore how to rationalise our systems in order to make them more coherent and accessible to all staff and reduce the burden placed upon them; and separate the necessary from the irrelevant, ensuring we collect only what has meaning and impact. Assessment should support children’s learning; and if it doesn’t then it needs overhauling. Packed with reassuring statements from Ofsted and others, this session aims to empower schools to do just that.

Session slides

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