Strand 16: Developing Teachers ROOM 127 | 14:15 to 15:00

Rachel Roberts, Subject lead for Secondary English PGCE, IoE, University of Reading


Mentors play a highly important role in beginning teachers’ progress, particularly in their function of providing developmental feedback on teaching (Hobson, Ashby, Malderez, & Tomlinson, 2009; Hudson & Hudson, 2014; Mercado & Mann, 2015).  Mentor support, however, consists of more than just technical advice in approaches to teaching. Based on recent research, this session will explore the use of ‘reappraisal’ (Gross, 2015) in mentoring conversations, a process by which mentors can help beginning teachers reframe negative experiences, so that they are able to learn from them.   Suitable for all those working in a mentoring capacity.

Rachel’s slides

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