Strand 17: System Leadership ROOM 115 | 10:45 to 11:30

Patrick J Leavey, Deputy Principal, Northampton College and Ann Newark, Assistant Principal, Northampton College

In this session, Patrick Leavey, Deputy Principal of Northampton College, will talk about the scope of FE provision and opportunities within it for 16-19 and 19+ students.  Whilst surveying the whole FE sector, Patrick will discuss the specific offer of Northampton College and explain how they are growing positive partnerships with Northamptonshire primaries and secondaries.  Patrick will also talk about the way students with high needs are supported to achieve in mainstream provision and how his team are tackling the English and Maths re-sit issue and getting great results. Technical and vocational education and training within full time programmes as well as in apprenticeships will be discussed. Suitable for all educators interested in exploring the mysterious world of FE.

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