Strand 09ii: Language, Literacy, Reading and Grammar ROOM 112 | 14:15 to 15:00

Matt Rodger, Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning - Brooke Weston Academy


Why does ‘whole-school literacy’ so often fail to inspire anything more than barely-stifled groans from beleaguered colleagues being presented with ‘yet another initiative’? Matt Rodger believes Alex Quigley puts it best when he draws comparisons between the role of the ‘Literacy Coordinator’ and that of a ‘modern-day Sisyphus’ – condemned to be crushed by the perpetual weight of pushing the literacy boulder up the hill.

This session will focus on just some of the practical strategies that have been used in Brooke Weston Academy over the past year to try and wield the metaphorical boulder with a little more skill and measurable impact. The sessionr will address possible approaches towards affecting a whole school cultural shift whereby literacy becomes interwoven into everyday practice – ‘every lesson, every subject, by every teacher’.

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