Strand 03: Leadership ROOM 229 | 12:00 to 12:45

Becks Waterson, Vice Principal Brooke Weston Academy


What do you want from your Year 7s? We want our Year 7s to be curious, courageous, imaginative and fierce risk-takers. We made the bold decision to move away from our academic KS3 curriculum and re-design our Year 7 programme of study to allow our students to build the skills and qualities our future generation need and not just to survive in the world of work but to strive!


This session will present our new curriculum model, reasons and process, as well as sharing current student voice on the programme. We will ask participants to perform their own reflections/audit of their curriculum using the Intention, Implementation and Impact model. We will also get delegates to think about and prioritise the skills they would like to embed in their students and encourage creative discussions on how they could do this.

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