Strand 11ii: The Arts ROOM 121 | 13:30 to 14:15

Dr Nick Owen MBE and Liz Clarke from The Mighty Creatives


Gaze into most Early Years classrooms and you’ll see children playing, working or encountering other children; adults and children encountering each other; and adults encountering other adults.   Over time, you’ll see more complex encounters: adults playing the role of ‘teacher’ encountering those in role of ‘parent’; adults playing the role of ‘artist’ encountering those playing the role of ‘child’; and children playing the role of ‘child’ encountering with adults in the role of ‘teacher’.  The complexity of the relationships between adults and children in Early Years settings demonstrates the need for creative relationships which are built on mutual curiosity, interest and intimacy. This session will explore how creative relationships can be encouraged, nurtured and maintained – as well as what can undermine, disrupt and destroy them.  We’ll do this through exploring The Zones of Creative Development  and how they can form an effective training package for creative learning for artists and educators alike.

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