Session registration is now closed. If you have registered, thank you for contributing to #EducatingNorthants. It’s shaping up to be a really incredible day with over 100 speakers from all phases, subjects and specialisms across the county.

The event is being held in partnership with We Are In Beta who are providing the platform and all the technical and logistical expertise. Frances Ling is Head of Helpfulness at WAIB. As her wonderful job title suggests, she is here to help us all. Please feel free to email her if you have any issues uploading your presentation –

The deadline for uploading your presentation is 3pm on Sunday 7th March.


Uploading your session

  1. Complete THIS form. This is crucial because it is where we will take details of your name, session title, bio and twitter handle. These are really important details that will appear on the platform on the day – so you will want them to be correct. They’re also important for our delegates to read so they can choose sessions to watch and navigate through the day. 
  2. Technical details of how to upload your presentation and supporting materials, plus the link to upload to can be found HERE.
  3. If you’re using a PPT as part of your session, please start with our branded slide which you can find HERE. They are also attached.
  4. Please register for the event as a delegate by clicking HERE. This will give you access to all the content on the day and will allow you, in the week prior, to interact with delegates who are looking forward to watching your presentation and may want to pose you questions or connect with you. It also makes you a member of the WAIB community – which is truly amazing!

Your session

  • Can be on any topic of your choice.
  • Can be two minute tips, seven minute shares or ten minute talks – up to you.
  • You can do a series of ten minute talks if ten minutes isn’t long enough. Please label them as part 1, part 2, part 3 etc when you upload them.
  • If you use a PPT please include our starter slide, but please don’t feel under pressure to use a PPT! Feel free to be creative with your content. 
  • If you want to pose some questions to get delegates thinking before your presentation or evaluative questions for after they’ve watched your presentation, you can add your questions HERE. They will be shared on the platform on the day.   

#EducatingNorthants is an inclusive, welcoming, upbeat, grassroots community of teachers and leaders. Our values are #EveryonesWelcome and #BePartOfTheConversation.

We’re delighted that you want to be part of our 2021 online conference. Don’t forget you only have until Sunday 7th March to get your presentation recorded and uploaded. No pressure! 🙂
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